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  • Hair Chalkify

    Chalk It. Flaunt It. Wash It.

    Easy to apply. Easy to remove. Works on all hair colors. Order today.

  • Hair Chalkify

    Chalk It. Flaunt It. Wash It.

    Easy to apply. Easy to remove. Works on all hair colors. Order today.

  • 2013's Hottest Trend

    Hair Chalk by Hair Chalkify™ is temporary hair coloring that's easy to apply, fun to flaunt, and easy to wash out.

  • Endless Possibilities

    Mix & Match for endless possibilities....and endless attention and fun!

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Hair Chalk offers Wild Hair Effects for a Very Affordable Price

If you’re a girl who’s into new fashion looks, you probably also enjoy experimenting with the latest hair trends. These days, lots of ladies are amplifying their personal style by using hair chalk in some amazingly inventive ways. This affordable new hair coloring method offers women (and guys, too!) access to a prism of hair colors, from the softest, most feminine pastels to the most intense and saturated “electric” hues.


With your “palette” of soft chalks, you’ll be able to create painterly hair effects that look incredibly rich, dimensional and runway-ready. Luckily, the cost of choosing hair chalk is minimal, so it’s possible to test out hair chalking looks without busting your budget. In addition, our hair chalk works on all hair colors and textures, so hair chalking is ideal for anyone who wants to take a walk on the wild side.


Get a Red-hot Hollywood Look with Hair Chalk  

If you’ve ever envied the multi-toned tresses of today’s fashion-forward style icons, such as pop sensation Christina Aguilera, reality TV star (and fashion designer) Lauren Conrad, and musical wild child, Nicki Minaj, you should know that hair chalking is the secret of getting super-styled locks that make you feel like a superstar. Because you won’t need to visit a stylist to get a true Hollywood effect, hair chalking will free you up to play with the coolest looks, whenever and wherever you happen to be


Once you’ve learned more about the affordability and ease of hair chalk, you’ll want to get your hands of your own hair chalking kit! Luckily, it will be very easy to order inexpensive, high-quality hair chalks online. Since the cost of investing in hair chalking supplies is just so low, there’s really no reason to deprive yourself of this exciting and fun new hair trend.


Fun Reasons to Try Hair Chalking

Imagine how great your Facebook profile photos and other online profile photos will look when you add hair chalking into the mix! Not to mention the way that it will help you to enjoy plenty of positive attention right in your own community.


If you’re planning a bridal shower or special “girl’s night out”, a group hair chalking session will be an affordable way to add a sense of festive fun to the proceedings, and it will ensure that all of you look your glamorous best while you’re hanging out or painting the town red.


If you’re daring enough to play with style and brave enough to experiment with different hair colors that show other people all of the different sides of you, you’ll adore the possibilities that hair chalking brings to your life.  


Hair Chalk Offers Sexy Style without Commitment

Style without commitment is what hair chalking is all about – when you choose to chalk your hair, you’ll be able to test out the wildest color combinations, right from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Then, you’ll be able to wash your experiments out when you’re ready to move on to another look.


Instead of fussing with temporary hair dyes that require lots of effort to use, why not try our easy-to-apply chalk that allow you to express your creativity in an instant?


Hair chalking offers unprecedented ease and convenience, although you will need to follow a few simple rules to get a professional look that is also one hundred percent safe for your hair.


Hair Chalking Tips for Beginners

Hair chalking is as easy as running a piece of art chalk along a section of your hair. To get the right results, here are some expert tips:

  • Blondes who use hair chalk shouldn’t wet down their hair before they apply color.
  • Ladies with dark tresses should wet down their locks before putting on chalk pigment.
  • Redheads should use just a little water to get a perfect effect that shows up on their fiery tresses.

Any color of Hair Chalkify brand chalks will give an excellent effect. Better still, pair a few colors up to create a hot, unique look that is sure to impress.


For easy color removal, brush your hair thoroughly before washing out hair chalk – it’ll get rid of lots of pigment before you even begin to shampoo.


How to Make the Most of a Hair Chalk-based Look

Coordinating your hair chalking effects with your makeup will be another way to boost the impact of this hot and happening hair trend. For example, combining blue hair chalking streaks with cobalt eyeliner and shadow will intensify the look and draw so much attention to your gorgeous orbs and beautiful face.


Jewelry that matches your hair chalk effects (such as beaded necklaces and sparkly drop earrings) will also magnify the look for maximum visual impact. However, since the effects produced by hair chalking are so strong, they don’t really require any other accessories or effort.  


Versatile enough to suit earthy, makeup-free girls or total “fashionistas”, hair chalk should definitely be part of every modern girl’s beauty kit. So, why not order a few of our hair chalks today?